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Discover 7 Most Trending Packaging Designs

By Blake Harper, Apr 15, 2024

Discover 7 Most Trending Packaging Designs

Staying ahead is a constant challenge for brands, competing in saturated markets. Strategic actions and a competitive edge are required to maintain customer interest and their repetitive purchases. Today, an effective packaging design matters a lot in compelling people to make a purchase. Therefore, a proper understanding of the latest designs can be helpful for brands to cope with the tough competition in the market.

One must be mindful of the fact that latest trend in packaging are always changing. Thus, choosing them without any consideration will not prove to be so productive for the brand. Packaging must be a reflection of consumers’ purchasing patterns. Here, the top 7 packaging design trends are shared, let’s explore them:

Green Packaging Designs

No doubt, the packaging designs are always changing according to the interests of people. Moving towards green packaging is a notable exception in today’s industry that’s gaining fame. Brands are adding eco-friendly practices to their packaging due to a global rise in ecological concern, amplified by social media awareness. Despite the influx of plastics polluting our oceans, this green shift is a critical step forward.

Reusing materials, such as repurposing bottles and bags, is creative but not a long-term key. Truly green packaging stands out through innovation and authenticity, focusing on ecological impact without compromising design. Edible packaging, simple designs, small sizes, and other such trends are the leading ways to cut waste. Moreover, these designs also allow brands to add eco-awareness messages. The more these boxes circulate among people, the more the message is spread and more eco-conscious consumers come to such brands.

Vintage Packaging Designs

These box designs serve as story-tellers for a brand and its products. They often reflect cultures. Even today, the designs inspired by the 1970s are making a splash. The following are the notable features of this design that make it striking:

1. Warm hues, such as yellow, mustard, orange, brown, and burgundy.

2. Wavy patterns.

3. Curly brush strokes and graphics.

4. Bold, sans-serif typefaces.

From its vibrant and misty appeal, this design is potent enough to grab the customers’ attention. It offers a lively substitute for more mundane designs. Thus, if this retro and lively look aligns with a brand’s details, it could add a fun twist to the packaging. Currently, many famous brands prefer wrapping their items in vintage boxes to boost their visual appeal and sales in no time.

Tailored Packaging Designs

Today, it is one of the most famous designs, used by the brands. In this digital world, tailored packaging boosts a customer-brand bond. It links with the customers’ needs and satisfies them. Hand-made design elements on the box, like hand-drawn pictures and texts, can make branded items more appealing.

Different markets, whether makeup, food, or any other, prefer using tailored designs to foster customer loyalty. This design allows brands to add their logos, names, images, taglines, contacts, and other details. Hence, it links packaging with a brand and helps people visit a brand’s official site to share their feedback.

Textured Packaging Designs

To stand out as an item on the store’s shelves, brands need to take a break from the old smooth packaging trends. Varied textures on the box form a tactile and notable experience for customers. Embossing, debossing, and other modern printing and coating methods are highly used by brands to add textures and bring a new aspect to the item’s packaging.

Textured packaging is becoming famous with time, as it offers a unique sensory experience. People are drawn to touch and feel a textured box, making them more likely to notice and even buy the item. An item that involves more senses is also more likely to be recalled. Moreover, adding textures does not boost costs. Based on the supplier and order size, many textures are added during the initial production phase.

Wrap-Around Packaging Designs

Wraparound labels are state-of-the-art designs that compel people to buy a brand’s items. They show a brand’s name, details, or patterns around the whole box, inviting people to buy items.  These labels offer a sense of flow and break the mold by not confining the design to the front. For multiple items, aligning on a store’s shelves, these labels form a seamless pattern that is visually charming. Indeed, this design is a smart way to engage shoppers and boost the brand’s sales in no time.

Minimalist Packaging Designs

They are highly trending today for their clean and uncluttered looks that only focus on the basics. It is all about cutting the extra amount of money and things and letting the item speak for itself. This design is based on the concept of less is more and reflects the packaging made from minimal graphics, limited shades, and an upfront layout. The appeal of such packaging lies in the ease and clarity that it brings to the people. Moreover, these patterns are cost-savvy and green. They not only help the tech companies but also temptingly showcase food, beauty, and even home items. Customers typically look for items, reflecting their values of simplicity. Though it is a simple design, it does not look old.

Transparent Packaging Designs

They are all about clarity and honesty, allowing people to see the items they’re buying. These designs are highly used for packing food, drinks, and other such items that need to be seen. They boost the sensory experience by allowing people to touch and smell. Such designs foster customers’ trust in a brand by showcasing the item’s quality.

So, choose wisely the packaging design while showcasing your branded items. CPP, the famous packaging company, offers you the opportunity to pick your desired design of custom boxes. Whether you want a minimalist design or a green design, contact us today and let your products stand out on the store’s shelves.

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