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Users using our website constitutes agreement to the following terms and conditions. CPP Boxes also has the right to change and amend these terms and regulations with no intimation or warning at that time. CPP Boxes recommend its users to visit this page on and off. Our company owns the materials used for the construction of our products. We do not sell and transmit our materials to other entities. In order to showcase our expertise, CPP Boxes has the prerogative of distributing free samples or displaying their custom-made printed boxes for customers.

Copyright Notice

By using our website user acknowledge and understand that the website containing all the content such as data, text, software, photographs, graphics, images, illustrations, maps, designs, icons, and all the materials collectively referred to as “Our Website Content” is owned by CPPBoxes.com and any alteration, upgrading, copying, processing, reposting, distribution and transmission of the content is strongly discouraged without the legal consent of the owners of the website.

Conduct of Users on Our Website

You are entirely liable for the material that you email, publish, share or otherwise disseminate or share via our website. You agree that any content which users upload, post, advertise or otherwise make public or transmit via our website or that is used in accordance with “Our Website Contents” will not contain any document, photograph, design, trademarks, service mark, or any copyrighted work of any third party until you have procured the required permission from the respective owners. You agree and authorize that you do not post, share, publicize or otherwise distribute or disperse across our website any content online which is objectionable, absurd and that prevents our numerous users from accessing the resources of our website or infringes the proprietary information of CPPBoxes.com or some other related party.

We do not have any control over the materials provided by CPPBoxes.com customers, and therefore we do not give any validation of the authenticity, integrity, or rationality of the content. We will not be liable to you in any circumstance for any content which you may deem inappropriate, abusive, or illegitimate.

Our company has the right to delete any content that is obscene, offensive, or otherwise illegal, however, this is not their duty to exclude any material that contradicts the terms and conditions or is deemed unacceptable. The company has the power to keep the material posted on our website or to report it if necessary (a) to comply by legal process; (b) to enforce the terms of service; (c) to respond that the content of the website disobeys the rights of third parties, or (d) to protect the rights, resources or security of our website and its clients.

In order to obtain our products, it is your primary responsibility to provide the right details on the web. Our website is designed solely for the use of humans and not meant to be accessed by robots or any other automated means. The exploitation of our website that contradicts the terms and conditions of Cppboxes.com will be deemed unlawful and disciplinary action would be taken against it.

With the use of our website as a client and placing a request on our website, you ensure that you have all the authority, approval, and permission to make a purchase and that the company can manufacture exclusive goods on your account. This will also indicate that you are of acceptable legal age to establish contractual legal responsibility for any indemnity that might occur as a result of using the website.

It’s your responsibility to protect your password and to gain access to your registered account. It would solely be your concern if anyone places an order from your account or if anything else happens. You enable access to the service to create, reuse and change the content from our site anytime you or someone else has access to your account.

Access to some areas of our website allows users to log their emails and names including the creation of a password for future reference to the password-protected section of our website. We hold the right to ask about more personal or business-related information before registering your account.

Just you are responsible for securing your password, and you should not disclose it to anybody. In the case that any unauthorized user accesses the password-protected area of the site, you agree that you shall be held accountable for any misuse of information.

When you are using our website, it indicates that you accept our company’s privacy policy. You acknowledge that you have reviewed and accepted the privacy policy of the company and that your personal and business information will be collected as defined in the Privacy Policy.

Indemnification & Limitation of Liability

You consent to defend, indemnify and hold intact Cppboxes.com, including its owners, directors, staff, vendors, associates, representatives, and subcontractors, from and against all allegations, claims, in the circumstance that assertions or claims are raised against the company in terms of the so-called wrongdoing of the clients or the untested printing of the goods undertaken by the company and ordered by customers (a) infringes any lawful rights of any person; or (b) involves activities that are hostile, violent, foul; (c) are the outcomes of unauthorized disclosure to any password-protected section of our website. You shall indemnify and keep us protected from any failure, damage, disruption, or misconduct which occurs as a result of any allegations (1.) defend the corporation from any claims (2.) paying any judgment or verdict; and (3.) reimburse us any court costs and expenses that may be incurred.

 The Company shall not be responsible for any injury, death, dangerous occurrence, harm, or retention of any kind for its workers, staff, marketing personnel, media figures, and the related authority which is incurred either via the use of our website by the information obtained or even if a party has been recommended of the possibility of such damages.

In any case, CPP is not liable for any sort of damages or losses arising from the negligence of the agreement and your use of our website will not be more than the amount you paid for the order placed at CPPBoxes.com.

Refund Policy

If you notice some error in the printing of your packaging boxes or the product is not printed as per your requirements, you must contact the company within 3 working days once you received the order. Do not refund the money even if printing is inaccurate or not defined, we will reprint your initial request. Deformity checks are performed by the executive team. Customers are requested to submit defective images of the product to the company with their own resources within 5 working days in order to acquire a reprint of the product. Accelerated transactions have payments that are not refundable at all.

Mode of Payment and Cancellation

Product prices are all in USD (US Dollars) on our website and the payment will be received the same way. The company will start working on your submitted order when they have collected the entire amount owed to you, including taxes, delivery charges, etc. from any authorized payment system.

We submit the final version of the product before order placement to our customers in an electronic document or hard copy of the product they want the company to make for them. Printing tasks are assigned to the press department once you know what you expect from us. Once the project is submitted to the press department, no adjustments in scheduling and structure can be made. However, the order may be canceled within a short span of 4 hours after the acceptance of the evidence. This cancelation most likely cost you $25 and 5% of the final payment of your order. Customers can also have the option of canceling their request within 24 hours but they would have to pay the 50% of the total amount in order to compensate for the time and money that the company has spent in producing your merchandise. Still, the company would not guarantee that an order will be terminated after 24 hours.

Policy for Order cancellation

If a customer intends to withdraw their order prior to the acceptance of the final proof, a fee of 5% of the order price will be applied. It is just for the compensation of the company’s time, effort, and resources that they have invested in the designing of boxes along with the refund processing fees that must be paid to the payment processor.

Design Orders

CPPBoxes.com does not grant any refunds for design service orders. The design orders that have been placed are definitive and non-refundable.

Sales Tax Policy

We do charge sales tax on orders within the state of IL. In case if you are tax-exempt, please submit your tax exemption document at the time of placing your order.

Customers Submitted Artwork/Files

Our designers use the given artwork of users on our website to manufacture novel designs. The company wants the artwork folders in 300 dpi (dots per inch) in finished form and CMYK format. If you have files in some other font size and not in a CMYK format, the corporation would not be held liable for printing distorted, inaccurate, or other than your order.

Customers who place orders would be blamed if the printing is not what they intended relative to the positioning or pattern of the order placed. The personnel of the company take all the required measures to avoid losses and the CPP will not be liable for any loss of printed orders. When you submit artwork or other files to our website, make sure that the content you have uploaded is your legitimate property.

The company holds the power to reject an order which, in our view, is deemed unlawful or infringes the right of third parties. When you put an order as a client, you take responsibility for the content produced on your instructions. Cppboxes.com has the prerogative to dismiss any order without giving any excuse. It is to warn that the company does not publish something that is insulting, obscene, or violent.

Proofs and Color Accuracy

The order placing often involves submitting the final version of the artwork to the company either in an electronic or hard copy of the requested product. Printing tasks would be sent to the press branch after you have sent us the contract. As a client, it is your responsibility to review and look at the proof. The business should not be left waiting for inconsistent proof which causes delays. You should note that the turnaround period stated on our website is applicable after the proof of agreement.

You are asked to read the agreement and policies before committing it. please review your original file before sending it to avoid errors in layout, spacing, copy, punctuation, or position of images and printed texts. Proofs in electronic ways are not transparent; overprinting issues or color improvement from RGB or pant one to CMYK may occur. We are not accountable for the printed version of your products with lamination.

Customer is Fully Responsible for Everything Included in The Final Approved Proof

The color to be printed on the packaging is generated from the sent artwork document but cannot be precisely the same due to the built-in constraints of the printing procedures so, the consistency of the color cannot be assured. When you submit an order means you are accepting this system drawback. Workers are encouraged to do their best to have the nearest color, but the company is not responsible for any difference of color between the anticipated and the printed work. No reprinting can be performed with color variations that are due to the drawbacks of the system. We are not committed to providing customers the color, ink, density of the printed items that you have approved. However, if you order hard proof then the company promises color accuracy and matching. It is to be notified that verification of hard copy would cost you more than that.

No Liability for Errors

Our company is not responsible for any of the errors in the final printed product mentioned below:

Spelling & Grammatical errors

Font Mistakes

Graphics punctuation

Percolating marks

Overprinting errors

Erroneous fonts

Die lines

Cracks in folds

Cropping marks

The difference in finished product size

*All packaging materials are shipped flat and pre-assembled.

Gang printing

Our company does not use gang printing techniques for the majority of our printing products. Depending on the printing standards of the company and its clients, the company may use any printing methodology that is best suited to them.

Overruns Underruns

We usually deliver the same quantity of goods purchased along with a small additional amount. This added amount of the product supplied is free of cost. In any event of fewer products shipped or under processing, the company can only subtract the number of products delivered. The company abides by the general law of delivery of 5% more or less of the shipped goods.

Production Speed, Shipping and Delivery of Orders

Our turnaround time starts after the full payment of your order to the company, approval of your shared artwork file either in hard or soft copy and decided on the shared material checked by the press department. By submitting a request on our website, you can choose the manufacturing speed that indicates the number of working days from printing to shipping. Before 10 am you can send us your agreement to the proof. Our employees are doing their best to provide you with your items on time through shipping. In case of delays, we are not liable for any loss that occurred due to a delay in delivery. Customers agree that the company is not accountable for any interruption due to weather conditions or custom concerns that cannot be regulated solely by us. Refunds are available due to any issue of printing processes but orders aren’t canceled by delays in printing.

When transported to the required destination, you decide to pay the full amount in respect of customs duty and fees. As a buyer, it is your responsibility to clear amounts of customs duties for the shipment of merchandise outside the USA. The company offers 5 business days for shipment of the commodity to every location within the USA without a weight and quantity restriction. Shipping to extra places will cost you an additional fee. The company is not willing to take responsibility for the timing of delivery of the shipment and the damage or loss caused during the shipment. Legally, the corporation is not to be blamed for any losses in shipping. Since this type of event can be taken into account after 6 working days of the shipment so if you have given the wrong delivery address or made any error in the shipping address we will charge extra shipping and handling costs for re-shipment.

Changes to our Website and Terms and Conditions

CPPBoxes.com does have the authority to override any segment on our website or the terms and conditions at any time with or without notifying CPPBoxes.com customers. The new updates will be effective when they become a component of the terms and conditions of our website. If you use the website after the updates in the terms, then it will be considered as your agreement to the newest changes.

How to contact CPPBoxes.com?

If you have any query or suggestions, you can contact us at support@CPPBoxes.com  or call us at 888 395 0493