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Rigid Boxes

Ever received your product in dull and drab boxes that are not even worthy enough to protect the content inside? This leads to adverse customer experiences and worsens the scenario for brands. In turn, to retain these customers, they have to compensate by offering some discount voucher or sending the product again. Custom rigid boxes are quite trending in the current corporate world, and brands are expediently shifting their focus toward this trend. Custom rigid boxes, or rigid packaging boxes, are commonly used where the protection of a luxury or fragile product is required. With their robust composition and winning design, these boxes are known for elevating the perceived value of any product while strengthening the brand’s reputation in the market.


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Boxes Limitless Customizations

Types, Styles & Components Constituting Custom Rigid Boxes


Rigid boxes come in the following types:

1. One-Piece Rigid Boxes

These utilize a single sheet of cardboard that folds to form the shape of a box. One-piece rigid boxes are an ideal option to consider in case of lightweight items. These can include an auto-lock feature requiring no adhesive glue for sticking or closing the box.

2. Two-Piece Rigid Boxes

These boxes come with a separate lid and base, therefore named “two-piece rigid boxes.” They are made of strong paperboard or cardboard material and are used mainly for storing and shipping top luxury items and electronics. To enhance their looks and texture, brands can opt for various finishing choices that lead to exceptional customer experiences.

3. White Rigid Boxes

These are two-piece rigid boxes with a minimalistic, white outlook, that makes them look even more exotic and makes them the top choice for sending top products or gifts. These use cardboard material in their making, giving them the required strength and protection they are known for.

4. Custom Lift Off/ Detachable Boxes

These are the boxes that feature a top and a lid that can be detached or separated. One can easily remove the lid from the base whenever they want. Custom lift-off/ detachable boxes are the top choices for offering convenience and fine looks to the packaging.

5. Half-Cover and Full Cover Lid Boxes

As the name suggests, the lid partially covers only the specific section of the box, while leaving the remaining base. In full-cover boxes, the lid fully covers the base and there is no space left out from coverage.


Available style options for custom rigid boxes include:

  • Drawer boxes that feature a sliding drawing and can be opened or closed conveniently.
  • Gift boxes can be customize as per the occasion, letting the recipients feel extremely special.
  • Magnetic closure boxes that make the product look even more exotic and high-end, with a magnetic closure to automatically close the box.
  • Sleeve and tray boxes are perfect for placing toys and candies and seem like a mini-box inside the box.


Rigid boxes with lids use the following components in their making:

  • A LID at the top that forms the entire structure of the box- may include a hinge or a separate lid.
  • A BASE at the bottom keeps the product intact and holds it, acting as the core foundation of the box.
  • Additional INSERTS that are optional and can be placed in the box to render maximum support to the product and keep it intact in its place.
  • A 2-3 mm thick CHIPBOARD that provides the ultimate resilience to custom printed rigid boxes.
  • A WRAP covers or protects the chipboard, which can be a fabric or paper and can be imprinted with several methods and textures.

How Fruitful are Rigid Packaging Boxes for High-End Brands?

All first-class products need custom boxes that amp their display and help brands outshine their competitors. Custom printed rigid boxes assist brands in gaining a competitive edge while spreading more word about them. Whether one has to choose between small rigid boxes or large rigid boxes, such packaging can surely justify the worth of the product and enhance it even more.


In the realm of packaging, customization is of utmost importance, if a brand wants to excel and make a name for itself. In various aspects such as shape, size, layout, style, and fonts, box manufacturers can carry out custom changes to make these boxes even more tailored to the brand’s theme and offerings. This fosters the brand’s identity in the market and makes it recognizable to the customers. Customization allows brands the freedom to carry out whatever changes they want to make, to these custom printed rigid boxes.

To ensure they stick to the same brand for future purchases, assuring their satisfaction is what brands these days strive and compete for. To maintain the delicacy and integrity of top-notch luxury products, packaging that is strong and protective, as well as cost-effective, is what brands might be looking for. Their hunt stops with custom rigid boxes, that come in types such as one-piece rigid boxes, two-piece rigid boxes, and white rigid boxes.


1. Branding benefits

These boxes serve as branding tools when brands mention their logo, slogan, contact information, and other details on them. Thus, such brands don’t have to spend money and effort on physical marketing as these boxes perform everything on their behalf and act as the best branding tools.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Custom wholesale rigid boxes are the best choice for brands looking to save money. When ordered in a large quantity, rigid wholesale boxes come with their per-unit price which makes them a cheap option to consider. Similarly, as brands make them according to the size of the product, they don’t take up much space while shipping and help to minimize the shipping costs as well.

3. Sustainability

This is another salient feature that adds to the unique nature of these boxes. Customers are much more aware these days, of their buying choices. They need a green solution that helps to minimize the waste that goes into the surroundings. Custom rigid boxes are a sustainable option due to their recyclable nature and use of eco-friendly material in their making. In addition, this helps to save the carbon footprint as well as the environment from deterioration.

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Q. Share some benefits of using rigid boxes.

A. These boxes are made of heavyweight paperboard and cardboard, which make them even stronger, providing maximum safety to the product. When rigid boxes wholesale are purchased, they can save maximum costs for brands, due to the per-unit charges. Moreover, these boxes are a perfect choice for eco-conscious customers as they can be recycled and reused. Rigid boxes boast durability, strength, and branding potential, and help to enhance the perceived value of the brand and the product.

Q. What are the differences between rigid boxes and corrugated boxes?
A. Rigid and corrugated boxes are both popular choices among brands. However, they differ in a few aspects. Rigid boxes provide support to high-end items during their transit and maintain their shape. Whereas, corrugated boxes are durable ones, focusing more on the shipping ease and making these boxes capable of withstanding external pressure while shipping.  Rigid boxes use dense paperboard in making, and cannot fold flat due to the dense composition. Whereas, the latter ones are made of fluted corrugated between two liners and are light in weight and foldable.

Q. How can I choose the right box supplier for rigid boxes?
A.  A few factors to consider in this regard include:

  • The work experience and market expertise of the supplier
  • Customer reviews
  • Portfolio and website
  • Comparison of rates and packages
  • Machinery, tools, and methods they employ
  • How cooperative and friendly they are towards customers.

Q. Which things do I need to know about custom rigid boxes?
A. These boxes offer custom features in terms of shape, size, material, and finishes. Brands can thus craft them the way you want. You must understand the ins and outs of their manufacturing, from design, cutting, folding, and creasing to gluing. Learn about the factors that directly affect costs, such as design complexity, material quality, and total quantity of boxes. Consider choosing eco-friendly packaging as it’s more in trend. In addition, to save costs, you can compare and contrast where firms and check out their rates and market authenticity before finalizing any.