Rigid Boxes

Rigid packaging boxes are a high-end, premium packaging choice, because of their reliability, strength, and eminence. Custom rigid boxes help in accommodating gifts, jewelry, or other high-quality items due to the stylish design that they offer. Different retail stores use them due to their elegant quality as they attract customers.

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Luxurious Custom Printed Rigid Boxes for Captivating Encasing

Are you looking for custom rigid boxes that give your product protection along with luxury appeal? Then you are at the right place as CPP is the best destination for custom printed rigid boxes. These are amongst the most prevalent packaging boxes. Since they are rigid, this means that they will protect your products at any cost. Custom rigid boxes are a robust type of packaging built for keeping items of tremendous value and quality. The heavy quality material used in the manufacturing of these boxes guarantees maximum protection for the product within the box. Moreover, these boxes are more powerful than folding cartons and you can customize them to meet the company's product requirements.

They are effective in protecting your packaging goods from all types of environmental factors for whatever purpose you want them. Furthermore, these custom rigid boxes are best for accommodating various items. These include products such as electronics, a gadget, cosmetic items, jewelry, glassware, and many more. These boxes are also recognized as rigid setup boxes. Moreover, you can finish them in a myriad of innovative ways to bring a fantastic look to your items. Also, personalized rigid boxes find their usage by retailers to package heavy goods as they are sturdy to hold big objects. However, construction and printing a spectacular rigid box requires professional skills. Get stunningly eloquent custom rigid boxes by CPP Boxes to package your goods. Furthermore, you can use them to give gifts as they are classy & trendy.

The CPP designers team develops these boxes creatively to make them look exceptionally appealing and mesmerizing. These highly personalize rigid boxes are strong and nothing can deform them easily. They can comfortably manage to keep your products safe while storing or transporting them.  We, at CPP Boxes, use modern equipment to produce these durable boxes and print them adequately as per your choices. The custom rigid boxes are not only helpful in providing protection rather they help to display your product in an even more effective manner.

Superb Quality & Economical Rigid Wholesale Boxes

CPP Boxes delivers high-standard custom rigid boxes at the cheapest wholesale prices. Boxes with an imaginative design and packaging will change the identity of your company. These boxes play a crucial role in the development of your business. We use eco-friendly materials for the manufacturing of personalized rigid boxes. Our materials are of good quality and offer an easy reusability in multiple ways. Moreover, when you order these rigid wholesale boxes in bulk, you are going to save massive costs, that you can later utilize on some other business tasks. Therefore, more and more clients rush to us as we offer highly pocket-friendly rates without compromising on overall quality.

When you completely print your necessary brand details on these rigid packaging boxes, they serve as an ideal advertising tool and this results in enhanced sales for your business. Moreover, when customers receive their products in safe condition, on time, and with exceptional packaging, they feel completely overwhelmed and share their experiences with others, and even on social media and other online platforms as well. This helps in further expanding your client base and referral network.

Die-Cut & Finishing Options

To make your custom rigid boxes more exquisite and exclusive, we can insert die-cut window panels which also enable customers to observe the packed product closely. The external appearance of these boxes should be striking for which we can use multiple coatings and laminations. Moreover, we use special inks for printing purposes on these custom rigid boxes. CMYK, and PMS printing methods are used by CPP and their range of coating includes gloss & matte lamination, embossing, foiling, and many more.

The use of high-quality inks, excellent printing methods including digital and offset printing, and high-end finishing techniques enables us to provide the same quality levels that we promise. We work hard to meet or exceed your packaging expectations from us. To make our rigid packaging boxes even more strong and more eco-friendly, we use versatile materials that are not only affordable for everyone but also offer maximum resilience to these boxes. Making our custom rigid boxes strongest than ever, we assure not a single item is misplaced or damaged inside these boxes. Thus, no matter how fragile or heavy your items are, these boxes are always the best choice for all brands who want to present their customers with lasting experiences and develop long-term professional relations with them.


Eco-friendliness and biodegradability are just another factor why we have a massive demand in the overall packaging world. We ensure making all of these custom rigid boxes are highly friendly to nature, and no waste material is thus produced that goes into the surroundings. When customers get to know about the recyclable and reusable nature of these boxes, they are overwhelmed to try your products and are confident about their contribution to the green environment, by choosing your brand for their specific product.

Why Choose Our Custom Rigid Boxes?

CPP Boxes has been one of the leading packaging businesses in the market. The custom rigid boxes that we produce are both long-lasting and economical. We guarantee that our consumers get the most quality solutions from us. We are better than our competitors in terms of both quality and prices. Our main objective is to satisfy you to the full extent so that you can be one of our loyal clients. for more details write to us at