Custom Gift Boxes

Custom Gift Boxes are important for every special event, Especially During the Holiday Season. The gift box was originally used to hold gifts, to make the gift look more upscale. The gift box also has the basic functions of packaging, protecting the goods. Make your events special by CPP Boxes’ made Quality Gift Packaging Boxes. We Support our customers with the Design Solutions they require for their products. We at CPP Boxes also consider Customers’ concerns to pack their products well and secure. For Example, Here are some of the Packaging Samples enlisted.

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Custom Gift Boxes For the Loved Ones:

Exchanging gifts is not a new thing but the way of presenting gifts has now changed. People in early times had no idea about the designs, they used to give gifts in plain boxes but time has brought us where gift boxes are equally important as gifts. If you are running a boxes business or have a gift shop, you can understand that Custom gift boxes are important. Gift Boxes can vary on the size, the shape of the products, and the design customer may require. Some common designs or types you should know about are:

Box and Lid: A famous type of gift box people mostly order. The lid is the cap your box is having, either it is hinged with the base or not. Box and Lid boxes in many shapes and sizes. The design of the boxes would be on the given dimensions. There are many options for designing. The lid can be printed by your logo or the information you want to print. The lid hinged and the separate lid is then two further types of Boxes. Choose your type and order CPP Boxes with your required dimensions of the gift box.

Shoulder Boxes: This type of box has the base and lid slipped opening and closing. The internal part of the box is called the Shoulder of the box. The shoulder can be exposed or cannot be. It is a beautiful package for gifts like Mobile phones, rings, or other sensitive nature products.
Clamshell boxes are also the most demanded boxes when we talk about exchanging gifts. This cool box is a lid connected with the bottom base of the box.

We ensure you our best services dedicative to the safety and best projection of your gifts to your loved ones. We design the packaging boxes on customers’ demands and give them amazing services with free design support, no die-cut fee, and cost-free shipping.