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Custom Card Products

Custom card products are widely used in the corporate sector to mark a solid brand reputation. People always notice them before buying any specific product, which directly impacts their buying decision. At CPP Boxes, we offer a wide range of bespoke card packaging products that serve multiple purposes.


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Card Products Customization

Best in Range Custom Card Products

Cards exist in multiple types, from business cards to personal ones. Customization has escalated their fame even more, and almost all brands these days are using several custom card products. These help to provide the buyers with useful insights regarding the product. The most common printed card products include header cards, hang tags, bookmarks, jar sleeves, table tents, door hangers, labels, stickers, etc.  Brands tend to seek the services of authentic packaging sources to get the best card products in the range. Such cards directly influence the customers’ buying decisions as well as communicate the brand values to the target audience.

Cards products are an emerging trend in the market. What increases their demand is their printing type and style. CPP constructs the finest card products to cater to all your needs. We use card stock that is a famous choice for making business cards, invitations, letters, play cards, postcards, and others, Such products demand thick paper but should be stronger than standard paper. Moreover, these cards can easily adjust a large number of changes, concerning the product as well as the brand needs. These cards look even more appealing when brands add intriguing visuals and images to them, for a more formal look.

CPP Boxes is an expert in making such cards with proficiency, aptly as per the demands. We have been serving the corporate sector for a long, with our profound solutions. In addition, we offer a diverse variety of designs and themes that not only match your brand theme but also amp up its image in the market. Our exclusive HD printing services with quality inks not only maximize the visual appeal of the cards but also instantly catch the attention of the target audiences.

Choose from a Wide Array of Personalized Card Products

CPP Boxes are not limited to just one type of card product. Rather, we offer these custom-style card products in several types, such as table tents, bookmarks, door hangers, custom folders, CD jackets, and many more. All of these are tailored according to the needs of our worthy clients, as well as the product needs. From printing to the finishing, everything can be customized by our experts. We also offer the option for double-sided printing for some card products as they offer enough space to include maximum details about the brand and the product. All small or large brands require these card products to ensure a smooth flow of their operations. CPP Boxes provides impressive printing facilities for these custom products at a cheap cost.

Custom Features and Add-ons

We use high-quality materials to craft the best card products for you. In addition, we don’t compromise on our quality and offer the best to our clients. Spot lamination, embossing, foiling, etc. are implemented by our experts on your card products which makes them look unique enough to grasp the attention of viewers. The materials we opt to create these cards are all eco-friendly and can be recycled and reused conveniently. Moreover, for wholesale orders, you can get cheap card product printing.

Card Wholesale Products- Saving Time and Money

There are many small or new brands out there that don’t have much money to invest in packaging. Moreover, even famous brands always look out for ways to cut down on the overall costs. The good news is, with card wholesale products, they can not only cut down the prices but also save enough time. Thus, brands can utilize this saved time and money to enhance the efficiency of their core operations. This feature has led to many brands ordering their custom card products in bulk. The price is charged according to per unit at wholesale, which automatically cuts down the manufacturing costs.

CPP Boxes offers expedient delivery of your card packaging products at your doorsteps. We are famous for our unique and highly professional cards that amp up your brand sales and make the customers believe in your brand’s authenticity and superiority. With a quick turnaround time, we are all set to win your hearts and set records for your brand in the competitive market.

Our friendly staff is highly cooperative and understands your needs to the fullest. Utilizing their market expertise, we craft the finest card products that perfectly portray your brand to the target audience. Moreover, we use top color schemes such as CMYK and PMS to bring out the finest quality colors to your cards. Printing methods such as digital and offset render an optimal look to these cards. To serve as the cherry on top, we use finishing methods such as lamination, foiling, and UV spotting that provide a sleek and fine texture to these cards.

Why Choose Custom Card Products from CPP Boxes?

We are one of the best names when it comes to packaging. Our clients trust us for quality and refer us to others as well. Our products are durable, cost-efficient, and formal in looks. To hear your concerns, our team is available all the time.  For placing an order for custom-style card products, you can contact us now at 888-395-0493