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Stand Out, Sell Out: 5 Trends in Custom Packaging for 2024

By Blake Harper, Jun 26, 2024

Stand Out, Sell Out: 5 Trends in Custom Packaging for 2024

Is your custom packaging stuck in the past and do you want boxes that pop? You are at the right place. Product packing is an ever-changing field. If you look at the history of packing, the oldest known type is ‘Flexible packaging.’ Chinese people used mulberry bark to wrap foods in the 2nd or 1st BC. As this technique was widespread, flax fibers were used for packaging.

With time, the commercialization of paper boxes started in 1844. By the end of 1867, paper-based packaging for products had become a fully grown market globally. In the mid-20s, plastics, metals, and glass were also started to be used for this purpose. Similarly, famous brands started using labels for information and brand engagement.

As we often say, the 21st century is the era of innovation. The field of custom packaging has seen significant changes, especially in recent years and continuing into 2024. This article will throw light on the latest trends in custom packaging design. Let’s explore these exciting developments.

Sustainability Takes Center Stage

This is one of the key insights. Due to activities like fossil burning or plastic waste, the environment has been polluted to a huge extent. Therefore, brands are giving special concern to sustainability. Let’s have a look at what brands have done for this cause:

1. Impact of Green Packaging Materials

Brands are choosing materials that have the least effect on the habitat. The use of degradable items, recycled materials, and reusable boxes comes into the spotlight. Examples of green materials include bioplastics, cardboard, wood, Kraft, Hemp, etc.

2. Increase in the Demand for Biodegradable Products

There is a growing trend in using bioplastics, compostable materials, and plant-based packing. People like to buy items that support eco-friendly efforts as it is seen as a good thing to do. 62% of clients always buy a product that adds to the environment.

Brand Storytelling and Emotional Connection

Although storytelling is not the latest trend, ongoing R&D is buzzing in this field. As per social identity theory in the Journal of Marketing Analytics, storytelling improves the cognitive acts of people and induces emotional responses in them. This leads to a strong bond between buyers and the brands.

Here’s how it works:

  • Relatable Characters: In every good story, people have to find some common ground with the characters portrayed. Whether the brand is a company or an item, the inclusion of a relatable personality urges them to relate to the brand.
  • Immersive Details: The bond between people and the box forms when the story is filled with rich and sensory details. In this way, the buyers can be placed right into the shoes of the main person and this makes it even more effective.
  • Authentic Emotion: A good story is based on real feelings and emotions, which should be reflected in a story. Discussing topics that are basic to human nature is always a surefire way to reach out to the users.

Why Does It Matter?

The question is why is it crucial to create feelings in the customers? As per a review study on Research Gate, the emotional link gives the following benefits to a brand:

  • Brand love
  • Buying Behaviour
  • Purchase loyalty
  • Moral loyalty and others

Here is a detail of some factors that show why the emotional link is important:

  • Enhanced Trust and Affinity: The reason why it is effective is because it fosters trust and makes people feel more connected with brands.
  • Increased Memorability: Details that are related to an emotion are going to be retained in one’s memory more easily.
  • Brand Differentiation: Emotions are the main factor that diversify brands from each other.
  • Customer Evangelism: Such stories create powerful word of mouth which is a very effective form of marketing.

Artifical Intelligence (AI) Integration

Merging AI is the process of involving AI features in existing systems. It is a planned deal to ensure that AI efforts are in harmony with the brand. In fact, it is one of the best ways to ensure that you get the ideal package for your items.

Here is how AI can play its role in the packing of rigid boxes wholesale:

  • Cost Savings: AI tech can be a great benefit, as it helps to reduce spending by telling the expenses and hinting at packing ideas.
  • Smarter Decision Making: AI helps to make better calls due to its ability to analyze data and give relevant pieces of advice.
  • Better Ease of Use: The use of tailored and individual customer acts leads to increased customer joy.
  • Automation of dull Tasks: AI can easily copy routine tasks thus lowering the number of people required to work.
  • Nonstop Learning: AI systems are data-driven and are capable of changing as time evolves.
  • Faster Client Support: Chatbots and AI-based support enhance the response time of the service.


However, it is not always easy to incorporate AI in your brand optimization. Here are some issues that you may face during this process:

  • Data Quality: This means that the data collected should be of high quality to enhance the integration of AI.
  • Ethical Planning: You have to consider bias, clarity, and rules since this field is heavily checked by the National Security Commission.
  • Talent and Skill Gap: Build up the personnel, and hire and train AI specialists to tackle any problem that you may face.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Mixing: AI requires ongoing tracking. You have to embrace the new trends, follow them, and adapt your systems.

Minimalist and Clean Designs

Minimalism is a trend that started a couple of years ago. Stats show a massive 92% of clients love the simple design. The following are some latest trends in this field:

  • Simplicity Reigns: It is an approach that removes any useless aspects. Sleek and simple designs and removing needless information are simple and beautiful.
  • Whitespace as a Design Element: Whitespace (or better negative space) enhances your branding. It makes the text easier to read and guides the focus to the crucial points.
  • Think About Colours: This is another trait of simple designs where the shades used should align with your message. If you want to be safer, avoid bright colors and instead opt for soft pastel or neutral colors. Colors define first impressions up to 90%.
  • Typography: One must ensure that they use clear, easily readable fonts. The simple design can be done effectively using sans-serif typefaces.
  • Iconic Symbols: Less complex designs may use basic icons that convey meaning without staring at the mind of the viewer.
  • Material Choice: The use of good quality material can positively affect your brand. For instance, use matte finishes or textured paper, etc. as they can contribute greatly to the simple design.

Multi-Face Design Elements

To make your box stand out in the competition, you have to think out of the box. How about using creativity and indulging in some unorthodox designs? Below is a glimpse at the latest design ideas:

  • 360-Degree Impact: Multi-face cover design makes it possible to convey the brand note on as many sides of the box as possible. Be it a cylindrical container, a box, or a bottle, every surface is now an avenue for telling a story.
  • Seamless Continuity: Ideally, multi-face designs make a smooth shift from one side to the other, if properly done. The logos, patterns or shapes are easily related and match one another to improve the general look.
  • Layered Information: These designs can fit other layers of details. For instance:
    • Front Face: Logo, product title, and major images;
    • Side Faces: Ingredients, the pros of the item, or how to prepare it.
    • Back Face: Legal document, details about the brand, or a story.
  • Colour Gradients: The use of gradual colour changes across the faces adds variation. Just consider ombre effects or matching colour shifts.
  • Die-Cut Windows: Die-cut windows introduce an extra axis on different faces. They can look at the product and get a sneak preview of it.


As they say, if you have good marketing and an average product, it would never flop compared to an item that is great with average marketing. Over the past few years, brands have given special focus to the custom packaging to increase their visibility and to get more leads. They can use ideas like ethics, storytelling, AI integration, and simple design. As a result, an item with better marketing is getting more clients, and soaring the revenue.

If you have any bold ideas about the product box or want some new tips on how to level your packing, CPP Boxes is your next shot. To cope with the high demands, they have a strong R&D unit. Thanks to their creative ideas, they ensure the first mover advantage by taking the lead in the latest designs.

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