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10 Best Places to Buy Cheap Shipping Boxes

By Blake Harper, May 20, 2024

10 Best Places to Buy Cheap Shipping Boxes

Product shipping is a crucial aspect in the lifecycle of any product, holding a critical significance due to a number of reasons. It profoundly serves as an extension of any brand’s experience. Once a product has been pedantically crafted with all the intricate details catered, it’s time to ship it off in style.

Timely delivery is a key to customer satisfaction, fostering a steadfast bond with the customers and helping to build a loyal customer base. Packing products in custom shipping boxes that are sturdy, interactive, and made with utmost care, serves as a secret recipe to winning their hearts.

Coming in types such as custom lipstick boxes, custom rigid boxes, custom auto lock boxes, and many others, these custom boxes are set to rule the shipping world and pave new ways for a brand’s success.

With reliable product delivery, brands can ensure a positive experience that further ignites their market reputation. Likewise, poor shipping can fully damage it and customers are never going to reconsider the brand once they are turned off with poor shipping boxes.

Just give a 5-7 minute read to this insightful post, and you are going to learn all about product shipping, how it assures a positive customer experience, and where to buy cheap shipping boxes.

A Bird’s Eye View of Custom Shipping Boxes

Customization serves as a blessing in disguise for brands, letting them choose a sturdy material, decide their own box shape and style, and go as creative as they want. Following effective strategies for custom shipping boxes, brands can extend their market to a global level and reach customers beyond local boundaries.

Shipping boxes are made normally from the very dense and supportive corrugated cardboard material that is an excellent choice for packing and sending products to consumers

Coming in various sizes and shapes, they can easily cater to different product needs and sizes, while assuring the integrity of the content during transit.

These boxes act as a strong layer of protection for the inside content and ensure it reaches timely to the end users. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that they serve as a fine backbone for the e-commerce and logistics industries.

Here is the breakdown of their key features:


The use of these materials enables these customized boxes to withstand external pressure during transit. The use of fluted corrugated sheets and two flat linerboards provides excellent support and strength to the overall design and enables an equal weight distribution all across the box.


All of these boxes are tested for strength and endurance before finalizing them, based on their material and weight. The most common tests for this purpose include the Mullen Test and the ECT test, i.e. the Edge and Crush Test, both being a perfect choice to ensure the strength-compliance of these boxes.


These boxes come in different sizes, perfect for smaller items such as jewelry and watches, to larger and heavier items such as electronics. The most common shapes seen for these boxes include square, rectangle, and even triangle as well. Moreover, depending on the brand’s needs, they can be equipped with the brand’s logo and other branding insights as well.

Which Brands Are Likely to Win the Shipping Game?

The answer is quite simple. Any brand that is performing differently, giving better shipping options such as low costs and fast delivery, is likely to get a competitive boost in the market. Similarly, all such brands have pre-defined and streamlined shipping operations are likely to cut down on costs and improve their profit margins.

One of the GREATEST factors, that brands these days should never neglect is sustainability. You heard it right!

With green shipping practices, all brands can cater to environmental concerns and appeal to a large fraction of customers who put their trust in sustainable brands only. Shipping is not just about delivering an item, it is about an entire experience and interaction with the customers, which is likely to impact a brand’s success and expand its profit margins.

A Look Inside the Common Types of Custom Shipping Boxes

You might be thinking of directly heading to the best places to buy cheap boxes, but before that, let’s explore the top types of shipping boxes so that once you have decided on the box type before contacting the supplier.

Here you go!

1. Corrugated Cardboard

 This is the best and most popular material choice for shipping boxes, with layers of paper tucked into wave shapes, forming a dense and thick support for the inside product.

2. Cardboard

Another cost-effective and sustainable choice, these are less durable than the corrugated ones, but fine enough for medium-sized products. These consist of a single layer of heavy paper pulp or paper stock, and are an ideal choice for shipping.

3. Insulated Material

For sensitive or delicate products, this one is a perfect choice, combining cardboard with polyurethane or styrofoam’s interior for maximum support and temperature control.

4. Poly Material

This is quite a flexible material that can be easily recycled. Made of polyethylene film, it offers padding as well as water resistance.

Where to Buy Cheap Shipping Boxes?

Now that we have discussed everything regarding shipping in detail, it’s time to decide on the right vendor and the cheapest yet quality place where you can purchase shipping boxes without any second thought.

There are several packaging suppliers out there in the market, and before you select any, you must conduct thorough research on their market repute, authenticity, custom reviews, costs, and special offers. Determine how they are different from others and why are they eligible to be your topmost choice.

It’s finally the time to unveil a few places where you can easily buy custom shipping boxes without breaking the bank. Let’s explore them one by one:

1. Amazon

This is a top-rated website operating for years and is a foremost choice of customers for authentic product shipping. Customers simply enjoy the easy website interface, look up to the best box options, and place their order, which gets delivered not only on time but with utmost efficiency. The cherry on the top is, if you are an Amazon Prime member, get ready for expedient shipping and enjoy your experience to the fullest.

2. CPP Boxes

Many famous packaging companies enjoy not only an esteemed repute in the market due to their quality services and fast shipping, but are also a trusted choice of consumers. One such firm is CPP Boxes, and we assure you are not going to be disappoint with your option as the company is already ruling hearts with exotic and high-end packaging solutions

3. Shipping Companies

Many shipping companies are offering timely services, such as FedEx. These also offer the option to search by the type and size of the box and get correct cost estimates as well.

4. Office Supply Stores

Many office supply stores such as Office Depot and Staples offer low rates for these boxes and guarantee you to save enough costs.

5. Wholesalers

There are many great places that offer exceptionally low rates for these boxes. Get boxes from stores such as Walmart and Target, and feel a difference to your cost-savings.

6. Home Improvement Stores

A number of home stores offer low-cost shipping boxes that are a perfect choice for storing large items or ones with a complex shape.

7. The Boxery

One of the top choices of customers, The Boxery serves as a perfect solution for packaging and serves customers with boxes that don’t have much shipping costs involved.

8. U-Haul

If you want to enjoy safe and fast shipping while saving enough costs, look no further than U-Haul which offers a large number of boxes. It is the best fit for all moving supplies, ensuring their intact delivery.

9. Online Marketplaces

Places like eBay are one of the most authentic and proven sources for perfect and cheap shipping of boxes. These places are the best choice to opt for, especially for brands that want to place order in large quantity.

10. Local Stores

This might sound a bit peculiar, but yes, grocery stores also have boxes that are available for either free or at very low rates. So, you can easily save big by buying these boxes from local stores.

Bonus Tips that Will Make Your Day

  • Buying in bulk saves costs
  • Compare costs to find the best deals
  • Keep an eye out for special offers and discounts
  • Don’t forget quality for the sake of buying cheap

Hope this mini-guide helped you in different ways. Happy Buying!

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