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Why are Custom Soap Boxes Important for Boosting Sales?

By Blake Harper, May 09, 2024

Why are Custom Soap Boxes Important for Boosting Sales?

There is hardly anyone in this world who hasn’t used soap to wash their hands or take a bath. Soaps are the daily items that you simply can’t ignore. What does it mean for businesses selling soaps? The first two lines imply that there is a huge demand for soaps along with tough competition among brands. While the demand part presents an opportunity for more and more brands to enter this business, the competition part says that brands have to think outside the box to stay ahead in the market. One of the many different ways brands can boost soap sales is by using custom soap boxes.

This guide explores the top 9 reasons why brands selling soaps must focus on custom-printed boxes for soaps. Once you go through all the arguments given below, you will agree with us that packaging plays a vital role in making a soap successful in the market.

9 Reasons Brands Must Focus on Custom Soap Boxes

1.      Create a Connection with Buyers

Most soap buyers are loyal customers who don’t switch brands unless you come up with something really good or there is an availability issue. One way to make your soap noticeable among so many products is to create a connection with the buyer. Custom soap boxes can help you build this connection with their design. This design must be created after proper research and knowing the preferences of buyers through target market analysis. A design with random colors and patterns will not do any good here.

2.      Build a Brand Image and Perception

Well-designed soap packaging isn’t only required to boost sales; it is also critical for creating a brand image and perception in the buyers’ minds. When buyers see an excellent box, it creates a positive association with the brand. This isn’t the result of a one-time exposure. Repeated exposure to boxes placed at different stores helps strengthen this association. The buyers will start trusting your brand and eventually become your loyal customers.

3.      Powerful Marketing Tool

The space on custom soap boxes can be used to print a brand’s logo, tagline, images, artwork, or stories. All these things serve as marketing tools, along with other campaigns. However, these boxes serve two purposes in this domain: as a marketing tool and as a safe housing for soaps. 

4.      Differentiate Your Soap in a Jam-Packed Market

Custom boxes can give a competitive edge to your product and make it stand out in a sea of the same items. You can go for different colors, patterns, shades, or artwork. An amazing idea is to use minimalistic designs that attract customers while reflecting your brand’s modern and eco-conscious image. 

5.      Educate Your Buyers

The box must also serve as a tool to educate buyers about what the particular soap offers them. It must have all the relevant information to help buyers confirm that this is the right product for them. Remember, a brand’s preference must be to gain the trust of buyers rather than just push for sales. It is a good idea to display information like skin type, ingredients, certifications from the FDA, and other information that can help buyers before purchasing.

6.      Keep the Soap Protected

Soaps are delicate items that are sensitive to external weight, temperature, and moisture. Custom soap boxes allow brands to change the packaging material as per the nature of their business. Brands limited to online operations can use corrugated or Kraft paper for packaging, as they are sturdier than simple paper. This can avoid breakage during shipping.

7.      Eco-Friendly Packaging Material

Custom packaging solutions allow brands to opt for green materials that appeal to the eco-friendly section of the market. The buying patterns have shifted in favor of brands that focus on sustainable business practices. One way to show your commitment to environmental conservation is by using biodegradable packaging. Cardboard, corrugated, or Kraft stock are commonly used for making custom boxes. All of these materials don’t impact the environment.

8.      Endless Customization Options

Custom soap boxes come with the added benefit of changing the size and shape of the box. You can also go for unique and innovative shapes that are different from the regular square and rectangular ones. Moreover, there is the option of adding custom window cut, gold or silver foiling, embossing, debossing, lamination, and UV coating. All these things add value to the box and enhance a buyer’s shopping experience.

9.      Cost-Effective Option

These boxes are highly cost-effective in the long run. This is obvious from the increasing number of brands using custom boxes. They offer countless benefits compared to plain brown boxes. All these things have a positive ROI. 

Are Custom Soap Boxes Important for Small Brands and Startups?

Yes. These boxes are a lifesaver for small brands and startups. The big players in the soap industry, like Unilever, Dove, Ivory, Zest, and Olay, have huge budgets behind them and can rely on costly marketing campaigns to make their offerings successful. Moreover, all of these brands have an excellent reputation and a long history to back their products.

But what about small brands? These brands can rely on better packaging to attract customers. When different soaps are placed side by side on store shelves, the box design and appeal play a vital role in driving sales. Moreover, the box design plays a valuable role in the online realm. Only a good design, regardless of the brand name, makes people stop scrolling and click on the product.

All of this discussion is not to belittle smaller brands. Remember, all of the brands were once small, and it took decades for them to become big players in the industry. So, it is better to focus on offering better quality products packed in excellent packaging rather than worrying about competition.

Final Words

Are custom soap boxes truly so powerful that they can reshape a product’s future? There is no simple answer to this question. An excellent-quality soap with dull packaging will not attract buyers’ attention, but when you pack it in a box that is unique and made from high-quality packaging material, it will do wonders. So, what are you waiting for?

Contact CPP Boxes today and let us handle all your packaging worries. Our free design support is here to help small brands that don’t want to hire dedicated designers. We also offer free shipping, no die & plate charges, custom size and style, and a quick turnaround time. The best part is that all these things come at the lowest prices and with excellent quality.

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