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Custom Rigid Boxes: 8 Design Tips & The Best Place to Buy Boxes

By Blake Harper, Apr 29, 2024

Custom Rigid Boxes: 8 Design Tips & The Best Place to Buy Boxes

The onset of the 21st century has entirely changed the packaging world. Simple brown box packaging is no longer relevant. Brands now focus on innovative and attractive ways to package their products. One member of the packaging realm, custom rigid boxes, has seen drastic changes over the last few years.

Rigid boxes have many benefits, such as increased visual appeal, product safety, and long shelf life. It also acts as a marketing tool for brands, as they can print logos, taglines, stories, or product information. 

This guide explores 8 tips for designing a rigid box. It also lists some places from which you can buy custom rigid boxes. Let’s help you increase sales with awesome rigid boxes.  

8 Effective & Result-Oriented Tips to Design Show-Stopper Custom Rigid Boxes

Target Market Research

The first step in developing a marketing strategy is target audience research. If you don’t know what your buyers prefer, packaging, no matter how good it is, will never click. Brands must conduct detailed research into the target market’s specifics, such as the age of buyers, gender, race, and inclinations. By knowing these details, you can craft packaging specifically for a particular segment. The shoppers will feel connected with your brand and check out the product. 


The color of the box plays a vital role in making people stop for your product. Marketers suggest going with colors that match the essence of the item inside. Different colors have different meanings. For example, black means grace and majesty, white stands for purity, red indicates passion, green shows nature, yellow specifies happiness and hope, and cream exudes calmness. You can go for one color or a mix of various colors according to your brand’s overall color theme.


The font you choose, alignment, spacing, and color play an important role in the way a customer perceives packaging. Many leading brands have used fonts to create a brand identity. The best examples are McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Kellogg’s. While these are well-established brands, the new ones can use font specifics to their advantage to create a connection with their customers.

While a bold font adds personality to custom rigid boxes, funky fonts make them attractive and noticeable. The packaging fonts must not deviate from your brand’s overall optics. 


Artwork is another feature to let your boxes stand out. Many brands focus on all-out artwork design on one side of the box with the brand’s name or logo on the other. The nature of the artwork must relate to the product and brand. For example, a tech brand must focus on what users can achieve with the product. Brands can list features, usage instructions, or other relevant information. Jewelry brands can have elegant artwork that exudes luxury and grandeur.

Box Dimensions

The size of the box is not only important for keeping the contents of the box safe, but it is also crucial for product presentation. For example, a brand selling shoes in rigid boxes would love the shoes to be intact when a customer receives them. If the size is not accurate, the shoes will move during shipping. It will ruin the overall shopping experience for the buyer.

Inserts and Cushioning

Custom rigid boxes come with the freedom of getting inserts or cushioning for delicate and luxury items. These little changes can keep the items inside intact. This feature is best for brands selling luxury watches, expensive chocolates and cookies, and tech gadgets. For example, a box with inserts will keep chocolates intact, and avoid damage from moisture or heat. 


Finishing refers to the final touch on the box. A good-quality finish augments the box’s wow factor and makes people stop. You can opt for custom window cut, embossing, debossing, UV spotting, and gold or silver foiling. Each one has a different impact on the buyer’s psychology, so choose as per your product and brand specifications. 

Material Quality

Rigid boxes are made from rigid paperboard. This material is more durable than Kraft, cardboard, or corrugated stock and offers way more protection. However, you still need to check the material quality with your supplier and ensure you get the best one. The quality of the packaging material can greatly affect the printing quality. A fine and high-quality material will display colors, fonts, or artwork nicely. 

Brands that can Use Custom Rigid Boxes

Mobile and Tech Accessories

These are costly items and need maximum protection. So, a rigid box can keep the products safe, reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Luxury Watches and High-End Jewelry Brands

Requiring maximum protection, these items are best shipped in a rigid box. Moreover, a custom rigid box complements the luxury feeling for high-end buyers.

Handmade Chocolates and Cookies

Some of the costliest chocolates and cookies in the world are handmade. These are soft and can break easily. Rigid boxes keep them safe even when shipped over long distances. 

Perfumes and Cosmetic Brands

These items are typically made from glass. Rigid boxes are hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Brands can add cushioning and inserts for increased protection.

Custom Rigid Boxes: The Best Place to Buy Boxes

Brands can get rigid boxes from various sources. Here is a list of options you can consider when buying rigid boxes.

Online Marketplaces

Websites like Amazon, Alibaba, and Etsy have many businesses selling custom packaging. The best part about these websites is that you can check customer reviews and ratings before placing an order. Moreover, there are a lot of options to consider in one place.

Printing Companies

Printing companies are a cheaper option for brands with pre-made designs. These companies often have a minimum order quantity and may not be suitable for small businesses.

Packaging Wholesalers and Manufacturers

For large orders and bulk purchases, this option is best. Some of the custom packaging manufacturers have an in-house marketing and design team as well. They can help you create the design as per your demands.

Final Words

While selecting the supplier, brands must focus on checking reviews and feedback. Remember, cheaper is not always better. The goal must be better quality, even if it comes at a slightly higher cost. CPP Boxes is one of the best place to buy boxes. It offers custom rigid boxes with many customization options at affordable rates. Contact us to get the best deal for your packaging needs. 

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