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Top 4 Trends in Cosmetic Packaging to Excel in the Market

By Blake Harper, Mar 25, 2024

Top 4 Trends in Cosmetic Packaging to Excel in the Market

The cosmetic industry ranks among the top three industries globally that make billions in revenue each year. Due to high selling rates, cosmetic brands face hectic market contests and each brand looks for a unique selling point to compete with others. Custom cosmetic boxes provide the required USP and make brands stand apart in the business world.

Brands also grasp the market value of cosmetic items and seek packaging that does justice to their worth. You can also find many beauty supply near me. Cosmetic items include perfumes, creams, lotions, oils, face masks, dyes, nail polishes, mascaras, shampoos, etc. All these items need packaging that secures them, gives them an enticing display, and markets the brands selling them. For this purpose, most brands opt for custom cosmetic boxes which make their market value for many reasons. These boxes ensure the safety of items, give outlook appeal, and provide ample marketing.   

New Cosmetic Box Trends

Packaging is all about novelty to improve the items’ safety, raise the outlook appeal, and amplify marketing and brand value. Packaging experts keep working to upgrade the boxes and make them smarter, safer, and more attractive. Let’s look at some new features that can improve custom cosmetic boxes: 

1. Airless Packaging

This packaging technology involves a dispensing system that prevents air from getting inside the box and contacting the item. The air that gets inside the box contains germs, bacteria, and dust that can react with the packed item and spoil it. Most cosmetic products need such packaging as they are made from chemicals and herbs. Getting in touch with germs and bacteria in the air can permanently spoil them and impact their original quality. Airless packaging usually comes in pump form but can also be used with tubes, jars, dispensers, containers, sprayers, etc. Thus, certain cosmetic packaging like box of nail polish can make use of this technology. Brands can earn the trust of clients by giving high levels of safety to their favorite beauty items.

2. Safe Closure

 Box makers also create other ways to upgrade the safety systems of custom cosmetic boxes. These different secure closures include:

1. Pressure Sensitive Tape

2. Zip Lock Closure

3. Heat Sealing

Applying these methods to tightly close the box makes it safe for remote shipping. Brands benefit from such safe closure systems which make them and their clients unworried about intact orders’ delivery. They can get their clients’ trust which turns into huge profits for them. Clients also don’t have to search for other reliable brands when they put their trust in a specific company. These closure systems also offer many other benefits and each of them proves helpful in unique ways. The different box closure systems also prove helpful for online brands by delivering orders over long distances. Let’s discuss the methods and merits of each box closure type in turn: 

i. Pressure Sensitive Tape

This sort of tape tightly seals the box and prevents pollutants from entering and impacting the cosmetic items. However, the benefit of a pressure-sensitive tape doesn’t end here. This tape can also be printed with branding elements to provide ample marketing to the boxes. Box makers can tailor this tape with different colors, create graphics, and apply fine materials to make the boxes refined. This quality makes this tape a favorite of most brands as they can not only improve the boxes’ safety but also provide a means of marketing.

ii. Heat Sealing

This closure system involves a method to seal the lid and the tray of a box by applying heat. Such a sealing method tightly closes the box and prevents outside factors from affecting the packed items. Brands find this box sealing scheme safe and economical if used in specific types of boxes. The ability of a heat sealing box closure method to fully protect the items during storage or delivery creates their market demand. 

iii. Zip-Lock

This box closure scheme involves a zipper that opens easily but remains closed until opened purposely by the user. The zipper tightly closes the box and can be easily opened, which makes it the brand’s favorite. They can use this closure method in certain cosmetic boxes to ensure the safety of items. The easy unboxing makes the zip closure method apt for client usage. Buyers would prefer packaging that provides tight closure to the packed items while also allowing them to easily open. They can use such a box for a long time. The zipper comes in different styles and sizes to match the box’s layout and outlook.   

3. Minimalistic Packaging

Among the rising packaging trends that have taken the market by storm, simple or minimalistic packaging has also made its impact. Simple packaging refers to a box design that utilizes minimum colors and designs. For example, custom mascara boxes can have black as the only color with designs and font printed in silver color. Similarly, take the example of a cream box with white as the only color on the box and gold color for font and design printing.

The design on the box must also be simple and take minimum box space. Box makers usually make most premium boxes in this style for their luxury or exclusive items. They use fine materials and apply superior printing and finishing while keeping the use of colors and designs minimum. Thus, many brands have also applied this idea to their standard boxes which has brought this packaging style into trend. 

4. Organic Packaging

This packaging type is also in trend for packing cosmetic items. In the wake of pollution, brands need boxes that don’t harm nature. Clients also look for brands providing organic or green packaging to remain free from guilt. They prefer brands that adopt this packaging solution and most market research exhibits that. As per these studies, most new brands that adopted green packaging have observed instant growth in their sales.

Green packaging also suits cosmetic items made from organic ingredients. Thus, brands can choose custom cosmetic boxes made from sturdy, green materials like card stock and kraft and enhance the safety of items. Brands can promote their items by adding branding elements to these boxes. They can inform buyers about their green vision and show concern for nature, to attract them.  

How Cosmetic Boxes Help Brands Thrive in the Market?

Printed cosmetic packaging boxes prove helpful to brands in various ways. Being made from fine materials, they embrace maximum tailoring options and help brands upscale their marketing game. Box makers can apply vibrant colors and catchy graphics that increase the shelf appeal of the boxes. They can add laminations that not only seal the boxes to prevent pollutants from entering but also give them a sleek and shiny outlook.

Cosmetic packaging accepts a wide variety of printing schemes that allow brands to print high-definition color and graphics and readable fonts. Brands can offer special cosmetic boxes for gifting, promotion, and other purposes. They can use them as subscription boxes to daily deliver items to their special customers. These boxes ensure safe delivery even for long distances which makes them fit for use by online cosmetic brands. Hence, cosmetic boxes prove lucrative for both brands and buyers in multiple ways. 

CPP boxes provide a wide range of custom cosmetic boxes with various box closure types that make them safe. We provide boxes that set trends in the market. So, get in touch with our sales team and order your boxes to make your brand growth happen.  

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