Promisingly Market your Brand with Kraft Display Boxes

By Blake Harper, Mar 07, 2024
Promisingly Market your Brand with Kraft Display Boxes

Today, almost all industries are facing fierce competition. Millions of brands struggle to stand out from the rest of the market. Whether it is the food, fashion, or pharmaceutical industry, each market is flooded with countless brands and facing tough competition. Brands need to follow a unique marketing strategy to get more sales in no time. Nowadays, people are highly inclined towards green packaging solutions and prefer picking up the items that claim eco-preservation. Kraft display boxes are one of the most advanced and appealing packaging boxes that can attract customers’ attention to a specific brand.

What are Kraft Display Boxes?

They are special packaging and display boxes made from kraft paper, one of the most accepted green materials known to the brands. This organic substance offers a rustic brown color to the packaging boxes. Moreover, unlike ordinary packaging boxes, these boxes are durable and customizable. One can apply different features to these boxes to make them a unique packaging solution. People not only opt for these boxes because of their eco-friendliness but also go with such packaging because of its durability and visual appeal. Brands use them to imprint their logos, names, taglines, QR codes, and other distinct details to make the packaging resonate with themselves.

What are the Perks of Using Kraft Display Boxes?

Brands use these boxes for multiple reasons. Apart from packaging and displaying the branded items, these boxes are highly considered for marketing purposes. Some of these perks are given below:

1. Differentiate a brand from its rivals

2. Contribute to a brand’s publicity

3. Promote eco-friendliness

4. Offer durability to a brand’s audience

5. Prosper a business in no time

Let’s delve into each of the above-listed points in detail:

Differentiate a Brand from its Rivals

Different industries have a myriad of brands, thriving for their distinction and success. Kraft boxes are preferentially made with a brand’s logo, name, tagline, and other unique details. Thus, brands can introduce themselves through their product’s packaging and attract more customers. Moreover, different businesses can also use shades and graphics that particularly resonate with their themes. Thus, people can identify a brand on a store’s shelves and if satisfied with its quality can go for repeated purchases.  Hence, these display boxes not only showcase branded products but also differentiate a business from the rest of the market.

Contribute to a Brand’s Publicity

Kraft display boxes are a brand’s introduction to its audience. They showcase a brand’s name, logo, QR codes, contact details, and other information. Thus, people recognize a specific brand, its theme, and its aim by looking at the packaging boxes. The more these boxes circulate among the people, the more a brand is advertised and recognized by a bulk of people. Hence, these display boxes work as a tiny billboard for a brand and contribute a lot to its publicity and marketing.

Promote Eco-Friendliness

These kraft-made boxes are green and play a vital role in eco-preservation. Nowadays, people are aware of the ecological importance and are used to picking items, wrapped in green casings. These boxes are recyclable and biodegradable. Their organic composition adds to the wellness of the environment. Moreover, these boxes have ample space to incorporate different messages. Various brands add eco-preservative messages to these boxes and boost a brand’s positive image in the market. This increases a brand’s trust among eco-conscious consumers. Ultimately, more people purchase from such brands and boost their sales rate shortly.

Offer Durability to a Brand’s Audience

These kraft-made boxes are strong and sturdy. They are ideally used for the shipping of valuable items. Usually, brands use them to hold, carry, and display heavy and delicate items. No doubt, people look for quality items. Therefore, all the businesses that ensure the product’s quality to their customers have more chances of growth as compared to others. Thus, items packed in kraft boxes are not only appealing but also of top quality. Hence, such brands are more likely to get more sales in contrast to the brands that don’t focus on the product’s packaging and display.

Prosper a Business in No Time

Kraft display boxes are one of the best marketing tactics, used by brands on a large scale. Besides offering durability and quality items to the people, these boxes are highly known for displaying a brand on a large scale. By finding such boxes, people can come across a specific brand and its items and can make recurrent purchases. All in all, different brands can prosper by using these boxes for their item’s display, storage, and transportation.

Which Printing Methods are Best for Kraft Display Boxes?

Many advanced printing methods are available to boost the appeal of kraft-made boxes. Some of these methods are shared here:

Flexographic Printing Method

It uses flexible plates and fast-drying inks to transfer images onto the kraft paper. This printing method is ideally used for large-scale orders and high-speed printing. Flexography allows brands to produce clear and consistent prints on different surfaces and materials. This method is not only cost-effective but also green, as it uses less ink and energy as compared to other printing methods.

Offset Printing

It uses metal plates and rollers to transfer images onto the kraft paper. Offset printing is highly used to create top-class and detailed printing. It allows brands to create sharp and accurate prints with vibrant shades and gradients. This versatile and flexible method can print on different sizes and shapes of kraft paper. In contrast to other methods, offset printing is more expensive and time-consuming. Usually, it is done in multiple steps and requires more setup and maintenance.

Digital Printing Method

It uses computer-controlled devices and inkjet or laser printers to print images directly onto the kraft paper. Digital printing is most often used for small-scaled orders and customized printing options. This method is fast, as it does not need any plate or roller. One can use digital printing to produce prints with variable data and designs.

What are the Famous Coating Methods for Kraft Display Boxes?

Generally, the box’s coating refers to the application of an additional layer on the box surface for its protection, beauty, and other reasons. The following are some of the famous coating methods that can boost the visual appeal of kraft boxes:

AQ (Semi-Gloss) Coating

This water-based coating gives a smooth and shiny finish to the kraft-made boxes. It also offers resistance to moisture and scuffing. Thus, AQ coating not only protects the box surface but also enhances the visual appeal of packaging.

Gloss Varnish/ Gloss Lamination

They add a high-gloss and reflective surface to the packaging boxes. These coatings not only boost the durability and strength of the boxes but also save them from UV rays, scratches, and stains. Thus, this coating is highly beneficial to add a glamorous touch to the packaging boxes.

Matte Varnish/ Matte Lamination

These coatings are known for giving a soft and elegant look to the boxes. They reduce the glare and fingerprints on the box surfaces. Moreover, this coating also offers protection from moisture and abrasion.

Spot UV/ Spot UV + Matte Lamination

They are special coatings that apply a glossy layer to the specific areas of the boxes. Brands, usually use this coating to highlight their logos, names, images, or other texts. Thus, besides adding durability and resistance to the box, this coating forms a contrast and highlights unique box features to gain the customers’ attention.

Holographic Coating

This coating creates a rainbow-like effect on the boxes. It is one of the best options to add some security and uniqueness to the boxes and also attracts the customers’ attention.

Embossing/ Debossing

These methods either create raised or indented patterns on the box surface. One can use them on the letters, shapes, or designs, that are carved on the box surface. Besides boosting the box’s visual appeal, these methods add some texture and dimensions to the box surface.

Hot Stamping

It not only adds some shine and elegance to the box surface but also helps brands stand out from the crowd. This method usually applies metallic foil to the boxes, such as gold, silver, or copper.

Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to multiply your sales immediately. Contact CPP today and get these amazing kraft-made boxes to stand out from your rivals in the market.

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