Custom Cereal Boxes- Design Revolution from Simplistic to the Modish Ones

By Blake Harper, Nov 16, 2023
Custom Cereal Boxes- Design Revolution from Simplistic to the Modish Ones

Are you fond of cereals? Ever thought of what makes them stand out as a breakfast or snack option and keeps them so fresh and crispy every time you consume them? The key to their immense popularity is the packaging they are presented in, and that is why brands are making sufficient use of custom cereal boxes.

Since its beginning in the 17th century, cereal packaging has evolved drastically, and this change has increased its popularity even more. From simple designs to the current trendy ones, these boxes have managed to grab customers’ attention and contribute significantly to the brand’s overall sales.

With the ongoing customization changes in packaging, the food industry has shown a quick adaptation to these changes. Custom cereal boxes are available in multiple sizes and shapes, with a precise description of the product inside, its flavors, and the complete description of the brand itself. These boxes with their captivating designs are contributing much towards uplifting the brand’s recognition and popularity in the current competitive market.


The current-day packaging of these scrumptious cereals is way different from where it all started. Back then, it used to be quite simplistic like the other traditional brown packages. But now, with the rising competition between brands, the entire packaging world has undergone immense transformation. Let’s have a look at the entire transformation journey of custom cereal boxes.


Firstly, the packaging for cereals was introduced in the late 1800s, with a simple and traditional design that was almost similar to what all other brands of that time were presenting. These boxes used to have a very minimal design or information on them and were solely intended for protecting or presenting the product, rather than focusing on the marketing perspective. Thus, these bags provided safety and protection to the products during their transit.


For quite a significant amount of time, these boxes were used for the same protection purpose. However in the 1920s, the real marketing game began, and cereal manufacturers started focusing on the other side of the packaging as well, i.e. its marketing. Hence, they started incorporating their brand logo and different vibrant graphics that worked wonders for their brand and helped them differentiate their brand as well as the product from their competitors.

Brands that started following the same packaging technique instantly got popularity and fame and this is what motivated other businesses to use custom-printed cereal boxes for promoting their services. The first company to follow this approach was the cereal brand “KELLOGS”, with the introduction of its brand logo in 1906.


Now that brands had started realizing the marketing benefits of cereal packaging boxes, their marketing game even escalated with the introduction of different innovative printing technologies during the tenure of 1950s to 1960s. This enabled the brands to achieve better and more presentable packaging, with detailed designs that captivated the interest of the target audience and highlighted their product in front of them.

Brands started using full-color printing which helped them create better designs. Moreover, cartoon and anime-themed custom cereal boxes also gained popularity during this tenure as children are the main audience of these cereals, and such packaging enticed them even more. Other than that, they became more specific regarding their product and started mentioning details such as product composition and its nutritional benefits creatively to the customers.


One of the best features that added a lot of brand sales from the packaging was the addition of interactive features. Brands that put on different interesting games and puzzles at the back portion of their packaging invigorated the interest of children and the urge to play or solve that specific game or puzzle brought up sales for the brand. Moreover, the introduction of different shapes such as the shape of a utensil or cartoon character also proved to be helpful for brands in uplifting their overall sales. This feature was introduced in the 1980s and 90s and gained rapid fame instantly all over the packaging world.


Different transformation stages led to the evolution of current-day packaging that is even more robust, and sustainable, utilizing the best and eco-friendly materials such as Kraft material, cardboard, corrugated material, and others. Today’s packaging is solely oriented towards user convenience, bringing up enough sales for brands and providing an option to reseal the box once the desired amount of cereals is taken out of them. This helps the items inside stay fresh for a longer time duration.


The way custom-printed cereal boxes are presented plays a pivotal role in its marketing. There are certain elements associated with these cereal boxes that directly impact the brand’s sales and impact the customers’ buying decisions. A visually appealing packaging is known for grabbing the attention of customers at once and encouraging them to purchase your product.

It is the packaging of any cereal brand that helps it differentiate itself from all the competing brands and become a preferable choice for customers if crafted in the right manner. Brands following distinctive approaches towards manufacturing their packaging are the ones that stand out. Different popular designs for custom cereal boxes include vibrant and colorful designs that get noticed by customers even from a distance, managing to stand out on a crowded store shelf.

The best reason why brands are trying to bring out innovation in their cereal packaging is, it is quite cost-effective. When custom cereal boxes wholesale are ordered in bulk, they help brands save a significant amount of money, as for bulk orders, the prices are charged according to per unit, thus saving hefty costs.

If we notice the overall transformation journey of cereal packaging, we can observe the long way it has come from the days of plain and orthodox packaging to the current ultra-chic ones. The incorporation of various features such as eco-friendliness, sustainability, and visually striking designs has completely changed the game for different cereal brands and resulted in an upsurge in their demand.


Cereal fans have shown the utmost support to their preferred brands, and no matter which part of the day it is, the dedication of these fans is undeniable. The overall size and shape of the box determine the serving size it is going to accommodate inside. Secondly, the material that is manufacturing these boxes also holds a massive importance as it is going to decide the overall quality of the packaging.

Normally, the size of the packaging should be ideal enough to easily accommodate these cereals inside and classify the type of cereal that is placed inside. Talking about the standard size of these custom printed cereal boxes is 12 inches high and 8 inches wide, and almost all the brands follow this standard size for manufacturing their cereal packaging boxes. Brands that tend to produce even larger boxes accommodating a maximum number of servings need to customize their box dimensions following the product serving, and that is why customization is here to serve them with the best!

With the introduction of new box sizes in the cereal industry, customers are even more excited to test such products, as they can enjoy the user convenience that comes with such packaging, letting them easily pour out their desired serving into the specific bowls.


No brand would want unhappy customers. Right? That is why all of the cereal brands now pay dire attention to all the fine details associated with packaging. The best material to opt for is cardboard material in this case, as it is not only rigid and firm, but also helps in preventing moisture from getting in contact with the product.

Kraft- the highly eco-friendly material is another preferred option that most of the brands make use of, the reason being its sustainable nature and cost-effectiveness. Brands that want to make use of eco-friendly materials instead of plastic or metal, opt for this material. It is highly resistant to moisture and heat and provides enough protection to the cereals inside.

Most important of all, these delicate cereals need to be stored in airtight containers to prevent the product from getting soggy. The key to maintaining the original texture and taste of these cereals is, therefore, the use of high-quality packaging that provides enough strength and protection to the product inside. The more convenient these boxes are made, the higher the chances of building up a network of happy and long-term customers.

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