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Create a Market Hype with Custom Rigid Boxes

By Blake Harper, Feb 07, 2024

<strong>Create a Market Hype with Custom Rigid Boxes</strong>


Have you got a unique product or story to tell? You might be looking for ways to stun your audience with your product quality, without breaking the bank. The good news is, that with custom rigid boxes, you can ace the fierce market contest and set your brand on the path of transformation and long-term growth.

The presentation of any product matters, irrespective of its size or niche. To get the product into the limelight, brands make extensive use of custom rigid boxes that foster its growth and revenue exponentially, and render it an opulent look while assuring unforgettable customer experiences.

Many brands think of rigid packaging boxes as a simple means to protect their product. What they don’t see is their immense benefits other than merely protecting the product. Here, we are going to discuss the power of rigid boxes, their promising benefits, manufacturing procedures, and much more. Keep reading to learn what perks they can offer to your brand and take it to the dream heights.

A Brief Introduction to Custom Rigid Boxes

Packaging of any product normally comes in three different types, and the most popular among them is rigid packaging. As the name suggests, these boxes are known for their strength and resilience, and provide high levels of protection to the inside product, assuring its safe and secure transit to the customers. Normally, these boxes are used for storing and presenting high-end items such as jewelry, cosmetics, etc. Therefore, brands that want to add a touch of luxury to their product must consider these boxes, that feature a solid lid and a bottom for an easy unboxing experience.

These boxes have a simple structure and assembly, consisting of a thick chipboard and a thin paper wrap that covers the entire chipboard. The wrap is the main part of this packaging, which features many of the finishing methods such as foil stamping, UV spotting, and varnishes, etc. for a fine and furnished look.

Other than this, there are many add-ons and options to render an even sleeker look to these boxes and protect them against all external hazards. These boxes are also known as “set-up” boxes, and in terms of thickness, they are four times more robust as compared to folding cartons. These boxes don’t allow direct printing on them, and thus brands need to use paper for wrapping first.

Insights into Making Rigid Packaging Boxes

Brands create these boxes passing them through three different stages, each having the utmost significance in assuring their quality and perfection. These include design concept, production, and final delivery. Brands need to follow top-notch methods and strategies to ensure the end product is flawless and comes up to the quality standards of packaging. Discussing these three essential steps below:


The design concept is the main part of manufacturing these boxes, and in this phase, brands come up with their designs or ask the packaging makers to suggest their design templates. Upon further discussion, a conceptual design of these boxes is created, concerning the custom features and essential brand details that are going to be printed on these boxes. At this stage, the packaging brands need to be sure about the requirement of the packaging, whether it is supposed to hold single or multiple products at the same time, does the specific item belongs to a diverse broad line that needs just a little touchup to its already existing design, and what details about the brand and the product need to be mentioned on these boxes.

After finalizing the concept and the budget, it is shown to the clients to know about their consent and approval of the template. Once the design concept gets approved, it is further sent to the next phase: production.


This is the heart of box-making, and this procedure encompasses the actual methods and tools to produce these boxes. This can be done both manually or via tools, or even a blend of manual and automated efforts. Moreover, the chipboards are cut to meet the original size requirements, and the wraps are printed in advance. These wraps further undergo different finishing and printing changes, as per the needs of the client.

The bottom part of these boxes is then folded and the corners are glued up to form the box structure and keep it intact. Whereas, in the case of automated tools, a bit different approach is used. Pre-trimmed wraps are cut and lined in a belt. The tray is put to the surface of the wrap using an arm. After that, the tray featuring a wrap under it is passed through a plunger to ensure it perfectly glues to the exterior side of the tray.


Once the design concept is clear and finalized and is successfully created via manual and automated tools, it is sent for shipment and must offer the required levels of production. Upon the safe and sound delivery of these boxes to the client brands, they are not only satisfied working with you, but also refer you to others as well, and this builds a professional long-term relationship between you and your partner brand, based on trust.

Types of Testing Methods for Custom Rigid Boxes

There are many cases when customers receive their products in a damaged state and become way frustrated upon recording such negative experiences. This leads to brands offering discounts or replacing the entire product, just to make the annoyed customer happy. Customers’ trust holds the utmost importance for brands, and packaging is one of the main factors that decide either to make or break a brand. If the packaging is made with robust materials, it can easily bear all the external pressures and scratches.

To ensure the high quality of these boxes, brands use multiple testing methods before handing them over as the final deliverables to their customers. A few of these tests are mentioned below:


To test and confirm the actual dimensions of the chipboard before actually wrapping it up, this test is performed. This test decides if the required chipboard has a perfect height, length, dimensions, and diameter before going for the final wrapping. It also determines whether to cover the chipboard fully or partially, based on the design needs of the relevant brand. To ensure the product perfectly fits inside the box, it is equally essential to ensure the measurement needs are fully met so that any add-ons can easily be accommodated inside these boxes. With the right dimensions, it becomes easy for brands to adjust their stickers/labels or any adhesive sales at the right spot on these boxes.


Following the pre-defined drop procedures from ISTA, this test determines how prone the packaging is, concerning different accidental falls, and how resilient it is towards such cases. This test requires the box placement on a machine that further tests it, dropping it from certain heights on a hard surface. The entire corners and sides of the boxes are tested for their strength and endurance. In case any damage occurs, the packaging resources must identify and fix it. Once the box is fixed of mistakes, repetitive testing is carried out on it, to further test it for damages upon falls. Thus, the final, sturdy boxes are then sent to the customers for divine experiences.

Custom Printed Rigid Boxes- A Perfect Fusion of Luxury & Safety

It is simply a misconception that rigid packaging is all about luxury and fine looks. In actuality, it is much more relevant to the product’s ultimate safety and protection of your high-end or fragile items against all external influences. These boxes help brands portray their products excellently in front of the target audiences and urge them to purchase them. Placed on different retail shelves, these boxes instantly grab the attention of the concerned audience and thus add a lot to the brand’s entire revenue.

Brands can save enough money by simply investing in rigid wholesale boxes. These boxes are brought in bulk and can help to cut down the overall costs of manufacturing, as the price is charged according to per unit. Moreover, these boxes use sustainable material in their making, thus causing no harm to the mother planet and enticing eco-conscious customers even more. This also lets your brand contribute toward the green environment and play its part in creating awareness in people regarding the safety and conservation of surroundings.

CPP Boxes- All About Your Brand’s Success & Wellbeing

Looking for ways to make a buzz in the competitive market and make your brand the hot talk? Look no further than CPP Boxes- your packaging and success partner. We offer sustainable and affordable custom rigid boxes that help your brand flourish and entice the trust of the target audience within no time. Contact us today and see a significant upsurge in your brand revenue!

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